President’s Message
Each season of the year, I find myself coming back to Lakeside Cemetery, on the shore of Lake Quanapowitt.  Whether it is the large sugar maple trees in the fall displaying blazing yellows, reds and oranges, or, during the spring, when the blossoms explode all around, Lakeside Cemetery is a special place of beauty and inspiration that anchors us to the Town of Wakefield.  
There is a reason why we return here as often as we can.  Some of us grew up here and consider this our hometown. Some moved here as young parents and raised a family. Some admired Lake Quanapowitt from walking endless laps around the Lake. The places we call home never go away. They change, of course, but we are continually drawn back here and all the memories they inspire.            
Here in Wakefield, we share a common thread with our family, our neighbors, and our friends.  That’s why we return.  When it comes time to say good-bye to our parents, friends or neighbors, we begin to realize then how special and historic the Lakeside Cemetery is to us.  
If you have lost a loved one recently, the members of the Board of Trustees extend our sincere sympathy.  This is a great personal loss.  Each member has experienced this loss for themselves.  We have learned that in time, our recovery is aided by the pastoral beauty of Lakeside Cemetery providing a calming respite from the busy lives.   
The Lakeside Cemetery is a non-profit and non-sectarian organization.  The Board of Trustees, comprised of current lot owners, is responsible for the general oversight of the Cemetery, maintaining its pastoral beauty, and its future sustainability.  
Please consider joining us as a member of the Board of Trustees. This is an excellent way to dedicate yourself to the memory of your loved one and, at the same time, make a real positive impact on the Lakeside Cemetery.    
If you are interested in further information, please contact me using this web page. Trustee members are chosen for 3 year terms by the vote of the Trustee Board. We meet quarterly in Wakefield at the Americal Center.           
Please consider joining and help us maintain the beauty and the significance of this special place.   
Philip ChisholmPresident, Board of TrusteesLakeside Cemetery Wakefield, Massachusetts 

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